Saturday, July 24, 2010

4 months in 9 photos

Had to put the blog on hold for a while... here's 9 photos representing a few highlights from the past 4 months.

April: bike ride with M.

April: UP steam engine 844 in Mansfield, TX

May: hangin' with Miss L downtown...

May: benching in Saginaw. Part of a self-portrait project.

June: A-Kon 21 in Dallas

June: taking M to camp at Sky Ranch

June: moving in to my new house! How did we ever fit all my stuff into a truck that small?

June: Blue was just one of the many colors L chose for painting her room.

July: chasing trains with Miss L

That's all for now... hope to have a chance to post in more detail later. Check back soon for more...


np: Willie Heath Neal - "Willie's Rant"

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