Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kansas City - Day 2

Sunday, October 25

My second day in Kansas City allowed me the opportunity for some additional sightseeing, and catching some of the railroad stuff I had missed on Saturday. The skies were mostly cloudy, and darkened as the day progressed. By the time I headed back to Andy's house to meet him after work, rain had began to fall.

Holsum Food Products - Kansas City West Bottoms (viewed from underneath 12th Street Viaduct)

BNSF geeps under the 12th Street Viaduct - KC West Bottoms

Dumpster Diver - KC West Bottoms

I hadn't been over to the east side of town yet, so after a stop through the West Bottoms, I headed over toward Knoche Yard. A freshly painted Iowa Interstate GE had just left the paint shop at Mid-America Car, and awaited movement east. Meanwhile, an eastbound IC&E train was departing, so I drove out to Birmingham to set up for a photo.

Iowa Interstate 512, just out of the Mid-America Car paint shop.

Powered by SEVEN SD40-2s, an IC&E eastbound drags through Birmingham, MO.

Hobo markings under the Hwy 210 bridge - Birmingham, MO

UP eastbound and more fall color - Birmingham, MO

Back at Mid-America Car, I found a dozen stored locomotives, including several former C&NW C40-8s.

UP 9053 - stored at Mid-America Car.

When the rain moved in, I headed home.... it was time to meet Andy after work and watch some football. We enjoyed seeing the Cowboys smack the Falcons around, and then headed out to the local B-dubs for some dinner.

Monday morning dawned with sunny skies (wouldn't you know it) but it was time for me to head home. Vacation over, back to work, and over 500 miles of highway ahead of me...

Andy and his "Love Bunker". He had a lot of leaves to rake. Wish I could've stayed around to help, but I had to be getting on back to Texas...

So it has only taken 5 months to post everything, and now the KC trip report is complete. A little bit of closure: upon my return to Ft Worth, I called off my relationship with Miss C (trouble had been building for a while, and reached a breaking point during and immediately after my travels). I spent November and December enjoying the single life, began dating again in January, and have met a new special someone who I will be introducing soon. Life moves on...

Still have some loose ends to tie up... a Gourds show from December, Whiskey's movie reviews, Tim Barry in Deep Ellum, and my recently completed trip to New Mexico. Check back soon for some new stuff.


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