Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Goin' wild in the Arbuckles

After a good night's sleep, we headed to Arbuckle Wilderness on Monday morning. Located near Davis, Arbuckle Wilderness is an exotic animal theme park, the highlight of which is a 7-mile drive-thru portion where visitors can see some of the animals up close and actually feed them from their vehicles.

This giraffe had to bend WAAAY down to reach the food in M's hand...

Most of the animals were gentle and tame, but the camels were very aggressive (and dirty!) and so were the ostriches. They would actually snatch your food cup away if you let them.

Not something I see everyday in my truck... L keeps her distance from the hungry ostrich.

Awwww... that's better.

Not a sable... not a gazelle... what the heck WAS this thing?

More animals...

We really enjoyed the drive-thru portion of our visit... it was cool to interact with so many animals. But wait! There's more...

Mandatory "photo op" at the visitors' center

MV and L take a spin on the go-karts...

We headed back to Davis for lunch and then returned to Turner Falls. The Monday crowd was much smaller than Sunday's, and we had an enjoyable time. If your schedule is flexible, I'd highly recommend visiting on a weekday instead of the weekend.

It's a long way down... should I do it?

The girls put on a tandem jumping demonstration

In all, it was a really nice weekend getaway. The drive was shorter than going to New Braunfels. We liked it enough that we'd probably return in a year or two.

Coming next... back to the tracks... and check back in a week or so for photos from Anime Fest.


np: Slaid Cleaves - "Below"

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Blogger BEK said...

Ostriches! Nasty creatures. One hint: NEVER put the Ostrich feed cup between your legs with the window open and Ostriches nearby. Not if you expect to have sexual relations again. Just sayin'.

2:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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