Friday, August 14, 2009

Chicago Finis

More from June 14: after the Cubs game, we shot a few photos of the Amtrak servicing facility on the south side of downtown, and then stopped for dinner in Berwyn on our way back to Matt's.

Amtrak locomotives - Chicago - June 14

Dad, can we bring this home?

Sunday evening Metra - Berwyn

Monday, June 15: What's a trip to Chicago without a visit to the Sears Tower? (OK, so it's called Willis Tower now... whatever.) Unfortunately, M had gotten sick during the night... we suspected it was a case of food poisoning from the hot dog he'd eaten at Wrigley Field the day before. So he wasn't feeling well, but we made our Sears pilgrimage nonetheless. We caught a Metra train at the Route 59 station near Matt's apartment and rode downtown.

Cheers to the Sears Tower, jeers to Wrigley Field hot dogs...

I remember visiting the Sears on a summer day in 1999 when all we could see was haze. We were more fortunate this time. It was a clear day -- and not too warm or too humid -- so we had a great view.
Looking northeast

Looking northwest

M discovers that the Sears Tower observation deck isn't the best place to sleep off a Wrigley hangover...

Back on the ground, we grabbed some lunch -- Chicago style pizza -- at a nearby pizzeria. M felt better after having some saltines and some cucumber slices. Next, it was back to Chicago Union Station so Matt could head to work, and so M and I could catch a train back to Matt's apartment to get our rental car and drive to the airport.

Chicago River barge

Matt at work (well, almost... his Amtrak train was waiting somewhere outside)

That's about it... we made it to the airport about two hours before our flight's scheduled departure (and about 3 and a half hours before it ACTUALLY left...) It was an enjoyable trip, with generally good weather, we saw two ball games, traveled through parts of four states, saw lots of cool scenery, visited with family and friends, and saw and photographed a BUNCH of trains (and even rode a few). Hopefully we'll return to Chi-town sooner rather than later...


np: Waylon Jennings - "Honky tonk heroes"

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