Friday, July 03, 2009

Rochelle Railroad Days

We hadn't planned it this way, but it turned out that we began our trip on the weekend of Rochelle's "Railroad Days" celebration. In addition to the festivities at the Rochelle Railfan Pavillion, Union Pacific had placed four of its "heritage" locomotives on display near downtown. The 1995 (Chicago & Northwestern), 1983 (Western Pacific), 1996 (Southern Pacific) and 1982 (Missouri Pacific) locomotives were all on hand. This would be my first time to see the C&NW and SP units in person. Better yet, I was able to photograph them during the only hour that the sun came out from behind the clouds that day.

UP heritage lineup - Rochelle Railroad Days

Chicago & North Western logo

battle scars

The heritage display attracted plenty of railfans.

Since an "uncoupled" shot of the SP unit wasn't possible, I settled for this view of its nose striping instead.

Western Pacific logo - UP 1983.

Coming next... Monday morning in Rochelle, and an evening rush hour on the BN suburban line. Stay tuned... and Happy Fourth of July.


np: Jesus & Mary Chain - "Happy Place"

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