Thursday, July 16, 2009

A day to drive

Wednesday, June 10: Our first stop was the power plant and Alcoa complex near Yankeetown. We had hoped to find some of the Respondek locomotives recently reported to be on hand there. We didn't have any luck with those, but we did find a high-hood Norfolk Southern geep making a few switch moves, and also some Indiana Southern geeps tied down.

NS 5155 works near the power plant at Yankeetown, IN

This would be our longest day of driving on the trip: from Evansville, IN to Atwood Lake in northeastern Ohio (near Canton), a total of close to 500 miles. My cousin and his family would be waiting for us at Atwood Lake. Our route would take us through Louisville, Cincinnati, and Columbus. It was a nice day for driving; we only ran into a little rain around Louisville. We successfully avoided the rush hours in the cities; and we enjoyed lots of nice scenery, especially along the Ohio River in southern Indiana. And we even arrived at the lake within an hour or so of the time I had predicted the night before.

We didn't have much time to check out roadside attractions, but I made an exception for this caboose -- part of Los Panchos Mexican Restaurant in Rockport, Indiana. Hmmm, Mexican food in Indiana... even if they HAD been open, I don't think we would have stopped...

power plant along the Ohio River near Rockport, IN

Barn near Tell City, IN

Driving Interstate 64 toward Louisville

Crossing the Ohio River into Kentucky

rain in Louisville

Our "Best Ambience at an Ohio Subway" award goes to this restaurant located on the ground floor of a 3-story brick house in Zanesville.

We made it... sunset at Atwood Lake. Unfortunately, this would be the last time we'd see the sun for about two days.

Check back in a couple days, and I'll show you how much fun we had on a rainy day at the lake.


np: For Squirrels - "Under Smithville"

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Nice to have had a chance to meet you at Atwood with my son and daughter

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