Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Road to Rochelle

By early afternoon, we were trackside on the BNSF Aurora Subdivision, part of my current dispatching territory (I work 2nd shift on the C&I desk). I always enjoy getting a first-hand look at rail ops on lines I have dispatched. Within an hour, a westbound Z-train showed up...

Running hot for Portland, the Z CHCPTL races through Big Rock

We took our time driving to Rochelle, stopping for photo ops at towns along the way.

Looking west at Hinckley.

Ghost signs at Shabbona. Dig that Schlitz logo!

We're not in Texas anymore...

Steward, Illinois is Old Style country.

Steward depot

Rochelle, IL: "a hub city"

The city of Rochelle features a busy railroad crossing where BNSF's Aurora Sub (former CB&Q between Chicago and the Twin Cities) intersects with Union Pacific's east-west main (former C&NW) running west from Chicago. There's also some local industry and warehousing, along with UP's recently constructed "Global 3" intermodal facility.

Westbound UP freight crosses the Rochelle diamonds. UP traffic outnumbered BNSF moves by a sizeable margin during our visit.

"No clearance" sign near an old industry spur in Rochelle.

Stay tuned for more, coming soon...


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