Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Springtime in Texas

I can't think of many better ways to celebrate springtime in Texas than being out by the tracks, enjoying clear skies, a cool breeze, and green landscapes (and they're getting greener with the recent rains we've had). M joined me on April 5 for an afternoon north of Ft. Worth.

Pacing a KCS GE through Ponder

BNSF officers' special south of Krum. This was our mission for the day, but we saw lots of other good stuff, too...

M was glad to be along for the ride.

Sunday benchings

car load of wheels

Southbound grain loads south of Krum

When the train stops, we practice our dance moves...

Grain empties in Saginaw

Coming next... ??? Stay tuned.


np: Husker Du: "Don't want to know if you are lonely"

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I'm headin' to the Ryan Bingham show tonight. Should be a good one.

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