Monday, May 04, 2009

Spring Break breakdown - 7


Saturday, March 21: We had spent the previous night in Midland. (One of my traveling companions was craving IHOP, and we believed Midland would have the nearest one). I woke up early on Saturday and went out to take a few photos...

Eastbound UP train passes downtown Midland, TX

Eastbound stack train (left) passes a freight east of Midland at Chub siding.

Our trip home was generally uneventful, although we stopped several times to take train photos. We dragged our feet so much, in fact, that Mom, L and M (who left from Ruidoso that morning) caught up to us near Abilene, despite Miss C, C and I having more than a 200-mile head start!

An ominous sign? Passing a casket truck on I-20. They must have been stocking up for all the Swine Flu casualties...

That completes the Spring Break trip. Check back soon for April activities.


np: Rage Against the Machine - "Wake Up"

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