Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pac Man reefer

I'm not exactly a proponent of aerosol spray graffiti -- especially on railcars -- but every once in a while, I happen upon a piece so exceptionally well-done that it stops me in my tracks, so to speak. Here are a few shots of a car that I photographed in Ft. Worth on December 31.

"Sase" Pac-Man piece on ARMN 111183

As someone who no doubt spent many rolls of quarters on Pac Man games during the 1980s -- hell, I even used to eat Pac-Man cereal! -- this one really spoke to me...

the other end...

"Mr. Snafu" with a Ms. Pac Man theme

She brings back a lot of memories of Friday nights spent playing video games at the skating rink...

ARMN 11183: whole car


np: the Ministry - "Jesus built my hot rod"

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