Friday, January 30, 2009

No time for the blog... (7)

... just more photos. I'm almost current again.

"Billiards and Pool" ghost sign / Coca Cola ad - a non-railroad photo I snapped in Wichita Falls, TX during a railroad-themed photo shoot.

Dr. Pepper sign / storefront - Venus, TX

Chris Berman helps us make sense of the Cowboys' final game. He left out the phrase "Jerry Jones is a &$#%-ing retard", but we were all thinking it...

The Gourds at Dan's Silverleaf (Denton) on Jan 15. Highlights included a cover of Neil Young's "For the Turnstiles" --> segue into --> "Clear Night"...

... another highlight was the "Lowrider" instrumental during "High Highs & Low Lows". Viva Dem Gourds!

Check back soon for more...


np: Corb Lund Band - "5 dollar bill"

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Blogger muddywaters said...

I check in on your site every couple of weeks. I appreciate the photographs of the old signs and the communities you document.

I love to catch The Gourds live. Late last fall I did catch Corb Lund and Hayes Carll show in Lawrence. Great show.

I hope to catch Reckless Kelly in a couple of weeks at The Bottleneck.

Keep up the good work,

2:55 PM  

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