Monday, January 12, 2009

birthday benching

I had a birthday a few days ago. In the past, I've spent parts of several birthdays photographing trains and rail subjects. I maintained that tradition this year -- but with a twist. The primary target of this year's efforts would be freight car sketches and monikers. In fact, I didn't photograph a single locomotive. But I found some interesting stuff...

Colossus of Roads - "Hide & Cry" Earlene

Golden West squares & Colossus

Bookman - XXX NOLA

Whistle Blower - Pluto Demoted

The Solo Artist

This seems like a good time to plug my Flickr stream at You'll find lots of shots from my benching (watching trains, photographing monikers and graffiti) expeditions, an album of railroad logos, and more. My collection is always growing...


np: Public Enemy - "Move!"

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