Friday, December 05, 2008

back on the road

On Friday, November 7, we left Ruidoso and drove southwest to visit the ghost town of Lake Valley (west of Hatch, and northeast of Deming) before starting back to Texas.

Climbing out of the White Sands valley toward Organ and Las Cruces.

At Rincon, we caught a BNSF local departing for Belen.

A steam-era water tower at Florida, NM (between Hatch and Deming)

Another view of the Florida water tower.

Cattle pens at Florida, NM. This is the former BNSF Deming Subdivision, which -- when completed in 1881 -- helped form the second transcontinental rail route across North America. A shortline company, the Southwestern Railroad, now operates the line.

Santa Fe - style station sign at Hatch.

This poster in a Ruidoso restaurant beckoned us to the town of Hatch. Hatch is located in the Rio Grande valley north of Las Cruces, a productive agricultural region well-known for its chile peppers.

One of several chile shops in the small town of Hatch

"Chile Fanatic" gift shop -- Hatch, NM.

Next... a visit to the Lake Valley Ghost town.


np: Webb Pierce - "Yes, I know why"

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Blogger DS said...

Glad to see the Florida water tank still standing. Was it really over 30 years since I was there? That's depressing.


4:46 PM  

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