Monday, November 24, 2008

Hard Amarillo railway

More from November 3 as we spend some time along the railroad, working our way toward Albuquerque...

Main track labels at Eastern Blvd. in Amarillo

An empty grain shuttle for Silvis, Illinois blasts out of Amarillo shortly after sunrise...

Serendipity at Puente: I had time to spend a couple hours north of Amarillo in the morning while Miss C. caught up on her sleep. One photo I've been wanting to get for years is a shot of a train crossing the massive Canadian River bridge about 20 miles north of the city.

In an example of fortuitous railfan timing, just as soon as I had hiked into a suitable vantage point, a southbound loaded coal train arrived and rumbled over the bridge. These are the Distributbed Power locomotives, shoving hard against the rear of the train as it begins the steep climb out of the river valley.

Run-around at Dawn: Early afternoon on the Hereford Sub, a Z-train passes a stopped stack train between Canyon and Hereford.

Now into New Mexico, we enjoy a sunset at Melrose...

An eastbound races through Melrose, just minutes away from a crew change in Clovis.

Melrose at dusk. Light on the horizon at far right is another approaching eastbound.

Thanks for looking... check back in a couple days for a look at the Albuquerque RailRunners, and fall color along the Rio Grande.


np: Townes Van Zandt - "Blue wind blew"

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