Friday, November 21, 2008

Amarillo sunrise

sunrise in Amarillo - November 3

There's something magical about waking up at sunrise in a different town. You arrived after sunset the night before, and the town's homes, storefronts, parks, and streets were obscured by darkness. Now, the rising sun illuminates all the sights that shadows obscured the night before. All is revealed -- the town's prevailing style of architecture, the color of its street signs and fire hydrants, even the expressions on its citizens' faces. From the beauty of a botanical garden to the ugliness of a scrap yard... from a uniquely-painted water tower to a carbon-copy Starbucks, nothing is hidden; nothing is concealed. The sights you're used to seeing every day of your life are gone, replaced by something new and different in the warm glow of early morning sunlight. The day is yours to experience and appreciate. Look around and enjoy the view.

Check back in a day or two as we hit the Hard Amarillo Highway...


np: Jill - "Just like Fonzie"



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