Saturday, November 01, 2008

Eaglesmith, etc

On Sunday, October 19, my friend Mike joined me for the trip to Love & War in Texas (way out in Plano) to see Fred Eaglesmith perform at KHYI's Shiner Sunday. It was my second time to see Fred, and Mike's first. For the uninitiated, Eaglesmith is an alt-country / Americana singer-songwriter from Ontario, Canada. He's got a unique sound and vocal style... imagine an up-tempo John Mellencamp with a growling, gravelly voice and more of a bluegrass influence.

Fred Eaglesmith at KHYI's Shiner Sunday - Love & War in Texas

His band lineup was a bit different from the last time I saw him... mandolin player Willie P Bennett was conspicuously absent.

Fred breaks out the bull horn...

They played several of my favorite Fred tunes... "Time to get a gun", "White Trash", "Wilder than her", "Good Enough", "Freight Train", "I like trains", and "Cumberland County". The slow songs sounded good, and the fast songs rocked... but they really could have used a mandolin in the band. Some of his songs just don't sound "right" without one.

Fred Eaglesmith entertains the crowd at Shiner Sunday

Between songs, Fred congratulated the crowd on embracing socialism (a reference to our recent federal "bailout"), conveyed subliminal messages to radio listeners (the 1st set was broadcast live on KHYI), and admonished an unfortunate brunette in the front row for carrying on a conversation while Fred had the stage. A word of advice when you go to see Fred.... if he is on stage talking or singing, shut the hell up. Don't say I didn't warn you.

The Ginn Sisters opened...

A band called the Ginn Sisters was the opening act... a trio of ladies with one on guitar and two on vocals, performing folksy acoustic songs. One of the sisters played a flute on a few of the songs. They joined Eaglesmith and his band on stage for part of the second set. In all, it was a fun afternoon and we got our money's worth...

The Ginn Sisters joined Eaglesmith on stage for a few songs.

* * * * *

Allow me to introduce a special lady in my life by the name of "C"... or "Miss C" if you prefer. She lives in near Fort Worth, has a kid (and 3 dogs), and works an 8-to-5 job in the health care industry. We've been enjoying each other's company on weekends (have caught a couple of bands down at the Aardvark) and occasionally meet for lunch. She's way cool... and I'll be seeing more of her. So will you.

Hangin' with Miss C at Fuzzy's Tacos after a show at the Aardvark.

Miss C is a dog owner. "Popeye" is one of 3 Chihuahuas.

L gets to know Popeye during a recent visit to Miss C's house.

Miss C models her degree from the University of Phoenix .

On the Road

It's vacation time... so you'll be without my services for the next couple of weeks. I'll be spending the next several days on a trip to New Mexico -- enjoying sunny skies, fall colors, trains, ghost signs, the outdoors, the open road, and the company of someone special (see above). Until then...


np: "Airplane II" on HBO

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