Friday, October 31, 2008

Columbus Day Six Flags sojourn

Columbus Day was a school holiday, so I took the kids -- along with two of L's friends -- to Six Flags for the Day. It was a much better day than Labor Day... it wasn't nearly as hot or as crowded.

Showing my "o-face" on the Shock Wave...

Front row seat on the back stretch of the Judge Roy Scream...

M was not quite tall enough for the Batman ride. Maybe next year, kid...

He was tall enough for the Rockin' Rocket, though...

M's first ride on the Titan and he was NOT scared!

The view from the front seat on the Titan. Sweet!

Windblown hair at the end of the Titan.

L and friends.

Looks like I have time for one more entry before I start my vacation on Sunday, and it WILL be the Fred Eaglesmith review. Stay tuned!


np: Chris Knight - "Jack Blue"

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