Friday, August 15, 2008

Coolin' off down south

The primary objective of our New Braunfels trip was to cool off -- in the clear waters of the spring-fed Comal River, and at the legendary Schlitterbahn water park. We enjoyed both, and had a great time. I hadn't been to Schlitterbahn since 1994, and it had been over 20 years since I'd been tubing on the Comal. (When I was in grade school and junior high, I went to summer camp in the Hill Country, and they always took us tubing down there at least once each summer). There is something satisfying about sharing something with my kids that I enjoyed when I was about the same age as them.

Dad, this water is COLD! The spring-fed Comal River is much cooler than a swimming pool -- a great way to cool off on a 100-degree day.

Day One: Comal River. We rented tubes from one of the outfitters near Landa Park. For $10, you get a tube, along with unlimited rides on their bus, which will take you to the drop-in point, pick you up again an hour or two later at the take-out point, and drive you back to the top. Or if you just want to ride the rapids, that's an option, too... pull your tube out at the bottom of one of the fast sections, walk back to the top and ride 'em again... and again... and again... until you're ready for a break on one of the slower sections.

It doesn't look that crowded in my photos, but it was just a big ole party down there... lots of groups of 10 or 15 people together, with extra tubes to carry coolers of beer... some people even had their dogs with them.... fun times! I found myself wondering what had taken me so long to get back down there...

Fun times on the Comal...

M clings to my feet as we cruise down the Tube Chute...

We survived!

M at the Camp Warnecke rapids. I was only a couple years older than him the first time I rode them...

Day Two: Schlitterbahn. Widely considered to be one of the world's best water parks, Schlitterbahn is located on the banks of the Comal, and actually uses river water for most of its rides and attractions. The park -- already one of the biggest I had seen -- had expanded twice since my last visit. It now consists of three separate sections. Ticket prices include rides on the shuttle buses which carry passengers between the park's three sections. I didn't take many pictures, but that doesn't mean there was any shortage of fun. It did get real crowded in the afternoon, though... and the lines for some of the more popular rides were extremely long. But it was worth it to see the kids enjoy a day at Texas' best water park.

M at the bottom of the Downhill Racer -- that ride was FAST!

Taking a break at the kiddie pool...

That pretty much wraps up our New Braunfels weekend, but I was compelled to snap a final photo during a break at the Love's Travel Stop north of Temple...
Would someone care to explain the connection between Jesus and Low-rider cars? Anyone?
np: Marti Brom - "Love, not liquor"

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