Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Road trippin' to 'Angelo

My friend Bill from college was in San Angelo during most of the month of June. (Note to those trying to locate him, don't waste your time -- he's no longer there.) On the Sunday before last, I decided to take a short road trip down there so we could hang out, catch a Colts game, and hit the bars.
Cue up "Born to Be Wild" -- I'm on the road to San Angelo...
At the Colts game. The San Angelo Colts are part of the six-team United League Baseball, an independent minor league which includes teams from Edinburg, Harlingen (both in the Rio Grande valley), Laredo, Amarillo, and Alexandria, La.

The standings board. Only 3 games out of first!
There were high fives and handshakes all around after the Colts unleashed a 12-1 ass-whupping on the Rio Grande (Harlingen) White Wings...

After the game, we went to the Zenter's Daughter Steak House (a San Angelo favorite) for steaks and then headed on out to the bars.
I'd been looking forward to visiting Blaine's ever since country music legend Johnny Bush immortalized the bar in his song by the same name on his "Devil's Disciple" cd. "I'm sitting in a joint called 'Blaines', downtown San Angelo..." The song ends with Johnny pleading to Willie Nelson to please sing "Whiskey River" (which Bush wrote) one more time, "'Cause I need those checks I get from BMI." Great stuff! I even talked the bartender into playing it while we were there, before they closed -- at midnight -- due to lack of attendance. Oh well, it was a Sunday, and it was San Angelo...
Ready for Blaine's Pub - San Angelo

Closing time at Blaine's: we didn't have to go home, but we couldn't stay there...

I stopped by there again the next morning to take a few photos in daylight...

Blaine's Pub - San Angelo, TX

Neon guitar sign above Blaine's entrance

Another of the bars we hit that night. This one is located in Southwest Plaza where the old "Maximus" used to be. It seemed to be the most popular spot in town that night. I'm not sure about that name, though...
Stay tuned for more... I'll have several more posts from the San Angelo trip, including ghost signs and trains.
np: Flatt & Scruggs - "California Up Tight Band"

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