Wednesday, June 25, 2008

NRHS Convention - Day One

This year's NRHS (National Railway Historical Society) convention took place in Fort Worth. The NRHS holds their convention in a different city each year; this the first time I can recall them having a convention here in Texas. Themed "Lone Star Rails 2008", the convention attracted hundreds of railfans, railroad historians, and railroaders (both active and retired) to our fair city from June 16-21.

Although I am not an NRHS member, Skip Waters, the president of the North Texas chapter, invited me to give a multimedia presentation at the convention's "Welcome Barbecue", which took place in Saginaw on June 16. I assembled a ProShow presentation of some of my best recent photos of trains in the Fort Worth area and set it all to music: "Fort Worth, Texas" by Ray Price, and "Cow Town" by Webb Pierce. My work seemed to be well-received by the largely non-Texan crowd.

Here are a few scenes from Monday's barbecue.

Visiting with friends and fellow 'fans: Randy, Ken, and Steve.

The NRHS crowd greets the northbound Heartland Flyer.

This Genset powered one of several trains to roll through Saginaw during the NRHS Welcome Barbecue.

L watches an empty sulfur train roll through Saginaw at dusk.
On Tuesday, we photographed an NRHS steam excursion on the Grapevine Vintage Railroad. Stay tuned for more...
np: Waylon Jennings - "Ride me down easy"

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