Friday, June 20, 2008

Big power, big train

On Sunday, June 8, the kids joined me for a train chase to Cresson. Fort Worth & Western ran a "Cresson Turn" (Ft Worth to Cresson and back) with 5 locomotives (including all three of their SD40-2s) and 51 cars. The Barnett Shale drilling projects southwest of Fort Worth are generating an enormous amount of traffic for our local shortline; FWWR is operating trains this long -- or longer -- just about every day.

Our first photo was this picturesque broadside view of the train crossing Mustang Creek.

Climbing upgrade approaching Cresson - FWWR 2017 in the lead.

Arriving at Cresson, where the crew would set out their entire train to the siding. (Note that the yard tracks in the background were already full).

Santa Fe CTC signals are still in place on the line west of Ft Worth, which FWWR now operates under Track Warrant Control.

We observed a pair of Colossus sketches at Cresson.

Running light back to the yard office after setting their train out.

Coming up next... Day One of the NRHS (National Railway Historical Society) Convention in Fort Worth.


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