Thursday, May 01, 2008

Spring switching

In late April, we had a nice stretch of those really nice, north Texas spring days that just make you want to get outside and do something -- anything -- as long as it's outdoors. On Monday 04/28, I headed out to Cresson to see what the Fort Worth & Western was up to.
A great day for railroading: April 28 on the Ft Worth & Western at Cresson, TX

FWWR 2010 works at Cresson on April 28

Fallen flag logos on sand hoppers at Cresson

Colossus drawing

Later, in Fort Worth, I caught a couple of switch jobs working at the south end of UP's Ney Yard (former MKT yard on the south side of town).

Genset trio photographed from the Berry St. overpass

3-point contact

An oddball trio (GP38-2 / MP15 / Genset) works at the south end of Ney yard.

It's hard to do much driving around the south side without finding a few other interesting things to shoot...

Producers Grain Corp - South Main St. in Ft Worth

This "bad bitch" was giving me the evil eye.

np: Four-Mile Mule - "Black eyed Jane"

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