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Pop culture potpourri

Discovered on the website: (The real punch line is the hit counter... )

Why is this woman so popular?

Anyone seen "Shot at love 2 with Tila Tequila" on MTV? Come on, it's ok to admit it... let's assume you have; maybe you can answer a question for me. Why is Ms. Tequila so popular -- apart from being an "out" bisexual 20-something woman with her own reality show? (And I probably just answered my own question there).

Watch for me soon on the next "Celebrity Rehab"!
What has she done to make 16 guys -- and 16 lesbian women -- want to jump through all kinds of stupid hoops, kissing her skinny ass to earn their "shot at love" with her? From what I've seen on the show (and yes, I admit it, I've watched a few episodes), she's bringing very little to the table in terms of personality, talent, or looks. Sorry, honey... those fake hooters only get you half a point in my book, and most of the other girls on the show are hotter than you.
MTV is setting a dangerous standard in bestowing "hero" status on bisexual women. I mean, the contest to see who would attend Madonna's slumber party was one thing... Madonna actually has some talent. But haven't things gone a little too far when we're supposed to worship F-list celebrities simply because they're "bi"? America, don't come crying to me in 10 years when all of today's teenage guys are frustrated men in their late 20s, and all of today's teenage girls are "confused".
Fancy footwear

Further proof that my daughter is more "hip" than I am (which has been the case for a few years now)... she knew about these before I did...

I've been an Iron Maiden fan for more than 20 years. I even saw them in concert once in Dallas. My only questions are -- 1) what took someone so long to come up with these shoes? and 2) are they available in size 10 1/2?

When Photoshop goes bad

Warning: this cereal may cause loss of skin pigmentation in abdominal region.

Someone on the ObsCar list posted a link to a blog called "Photoshop Disasters", where you'll find digital graphics-editing train wrecks such as the cereal box above. Check it out!


np: Todd Snider - "Vinyl records"

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Blogger DS said...

Long, long string of comments on the Ps Disasters blog about the cereal box image. The general consensus is that they were trying to portray some sort of undershirt, hence the missing belly button.

Even so, the image doesn't read well.

However, nobody pointed out that the palm of the model's hand was most likely photoshopped to even out the pigmentation.

Keep up the good work Wes.

11:27 AM  
Blogger BEK said...

Regarding ms. Tequilia:

I was oblivious to her until I stumbled across an MTV spring break special called "Super Fantastic Spring Break Hook Up" or somesuch, where a half-dozen young couples competed in front of a drunken crowd of frat boys and their little sisters to see who was the "hottest." Three of the couples were boy/girl; three were girl/girl. The crowd went wild whenever two girls kissed. Conspicious in their absence were a boy/boy couple, and I'd imagine that the crowd would be somewhat less enthusiastic if THEY were to kiss. They'd probably get the shit beat out of 'em, to be quite honest.

I'm puzzled by this fascination and mainstreaming of female bisexuality in popular media. I know it all plays into male fantasy, but what's in it for the women? If one's wife/girlfriend has an affair with another female, does it "count" towards an indescretion? I would guess not; but I'd imagine young women are more apt to experiment with other women than men are to experiment with men because society doesn't look down on these "lipstick lesbians." Jeez, it takes five minutes of surfing to see that girls flirting with other girls is the thing to do these days. As a dirty-minded middle-aged man, should I find anything wrong with this?

It's all part of a general hypersexualization of young women in this country. Ya got your Vanessa Hudgens nude, your Miley Cyrus sold out by mom and dad to appear in Vanity Fair. The Olsen Twins turn into alcoholics, and the Spears', Lohans' and the like turn into hootchies. In the past decade pornography has gone mainstream and even younger girls have become fair game to be portrayed as sex objects. And even if you aren't a pre-pubescent Lolita anymore, a quick shave and a wax will keep the fuzz off the peach and make ya look like a little girl "down there". Whatever happened to the "70s Retro Bush?" What the hell is with this twisted society?

I can only say is I'm glad I'm not raising a girl.

10:25 PM  
Blogger Brian said...

Check out I-tunes. Just released a new Iron Maiden Album: The Best of Iron Maiden: 1980-1989. "Can I Play With Madness" was always my favorite song

4:02 PM  

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