Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Mountainair & Abo Canyon

On March 21, L joined me for a trip from Ruidoso to Albuquerque to see the RailRunner commuter trains. On our way to and from Albuquerque, we stopped in the Abo Canyon area to take some pics. I've been going to Abo Canyon for 20 years; it's still a great show.

Our first stop was the depot at Mountainair...

Mountainair, NM. March 21, 2008
Next we stopped at Scholle, the east end of the 5-mile single track portion of the BNSF Clovis Sub through Abo Canyon. US Hwy 60 passes over the tracks here. We saw six eastbounds in two hours, and a few westbounds as well. Even L, who is not exactly tuned in to the intricacies of railroad operations, remarked on how busy it was.
One of six eastbounds in two hours climbs upgrade through the canyon.

An eastbound climbs past the rock slide fences approaching Scholle.

I'll skip the Albuquerque photos for now and post them in a couple of separate entries. Back to Abo Canyon for a few evening photos...

Early that evening, a westbound coasted downgrade in beautiful light at Sais.

Signals at Sais, NM

A BN caboose trails an eastbound rail train .

Sunset at Sais on March 21, 2008.

"Save Abo Canyon." A landowner has erected signs in protest of BNSF's plans to construct a second track through the canyon.
Coming next: Albuquerque!

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