Saturday, March 29, 2008

Way to New Mexico - 3

"Well, my heart beats with the rhythm of the bumps on the highway
I pickup hitchhikers who look like psycho killers and ask 'em if they're going my way
I get lost in big cities and dirty looks in small towns
and I'm still having fun drivin' aimlessly around
out on the road, destination untold, out on the road"
- Wally Pleasant

You gotta love those downtown areas of small towns in west Texas... always plenty of colorful signage (often badly faded), on storefronts (often vacant or abandoned) lining bumpy brick streets. Growing up in a town like San Angelo, scenes like this never made much of an impression on me. These days, I've really been keeping an eye out for them during my travels.

Lamesa Glass & Mirror - Lamesa, TX
Oversized tire woman - Reid Bethel Tire Co - Lamesa, TX

Royal Crown Cola - Lamesa, TX

"A Barrel of Money to Loan" - Lamesa, TX

Bryant Pharmacy - Lamesa, TX

Big C Auto Service - Brownfield, TX

Big C mascot - Brownfield, TX

Magnolia gas station - Brownfield, TX

Magnolia gas station storefront

Looks like we're almost in New Mexico now... stay tuned for more.
np: Johnny Bush - Dos Tacos

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