Friday, March 28, 2008

Way to New Mexico - 2

"I'm driving around the country, sort of doin' what I please
and I feel like Jack Kerouac or Thelma and Louise
out on the road, destination untold, out on the road"
- Wally Pleasant

Roadside scenes from Sunday, March 16...

Clements-Norred Dry Goods - Putnam, TX
The Arrow Ford sign in Abilene has been catching my eye for over 20 years. I finally stopped to photograph it...

Rockwell Bros. Co., Colorado City, TX

Baker Hotel - Colorado City, TX

another view of the Baker Hotel

Fina's Cafe - Big Spring, TX

heading north on US-87 north of Big Spring

Goodpasture Grain - Brownfield, TX

Stay tuned for more...

np: Ray Wylie Hubbard - "Cooler than hell"

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