Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Team Texas Experience

Guess who's driving?

Sunday morning at Texas Motor Speedway. Wonder who's behind the wheel...

Meet your driver of the # 18 car...

Last Sunday, K took her driving lesson at the Team Texas driving school out at Texas Motor Speedway. I had given her a gift certificate for Team Texas the Christmas before last. The class I signed her up for had to be re-scheduled a couple different times due to unfavorable weather, but by early March, she finally managed to get scheduled for a class on a weekend with no rain in the forecast.
Her class included 10 laps around the TMS track in the # 18 Monte Carlo. She had a great time, and the rest of us had fun watching.

ready to "drive it like she stole it"

the "official" photograph

Half a Lifetime Ago - updated

Check out the latest entry on my 1990 blog, re-capping a weekend trip from San Angelo to Addison to attend a Circle K convention. Highlights included a couple hours of train-watching near Tower 55 in Fort Worth on Friday, and a westbound on the ATSF Lampasas Sub on my way home on Sunday.
Until next time...

np: BR5-49 - "One Long Saturday Night"

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