Friday, February 15, 2008

Warhol-esque, Ima stamp

Whiskey self-portrait series, February 2008
It started innocently enough. After shooting a series of self portraits, I converted one to gray-scale and then cranked the contrast to 100 percent. Next, I made several duplicates of the high-contrast version in a variety of different colors.

The last step was to paste them all together in a montage image, such as the ones above and below. Producing pop-art is fun and easy...

Whiskey self portrait series, February 2008

Meanwhile, buZ blurr was kind enough to take the time to subject one of the above self portraits to his stenciling process for stamp sheet production...

I'm proud to report that one of these very stamps bearing my humble likeness has already survived the mailing process, smiling its crooked smirk at every postal service employee between Surrealville and Whiskeytown. (Maybe all that exposure adds up to my "15 minutes of fame" that a well-known artist once promised.) Visit the following pages to see more of buZ blurr's stamp art and mail-art:
np: Fred Eaglesmith - "Wilder than her"

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