Thursday, February 28, 2008

Red dirt road trip 2008

Last Sunday, M joined me for a trip north of the Red River. Our mission was to locate and photograph the old Santa Fe depot in Shawnee. We were successful, and we also found lots of other interesting stuff along the way.

There are few things M enjoys more than a display caboose. You think some wimpy little sign is gonna keep him off these things? Here he is, checking out an old Frisco waycar in Pauls Valley...

Santa Fe caboose in Purcell

"Slug-bug bug" near Lexington. If this was supposed to be a spider, it was missing a couple of legs...

Built in 1904, the Santa Fe depot in Shawnee was designed to resemble a Scottish lighthouse. In our opinion, it looked more like a castle...

a closer look at the tower

On display near the depot, we found the Beard family's log cabin -- the first building in Shawnee.

Arkansas-Oklahoma Railroad # 4064 in Shawnee.

This is just the first installment of photos from our Shawnee trip. Stay tuned for more... we got lots of ghost signs and more trains...


np: Adam Carroll - "Cole"

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