Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Monster Jam 2008

How we spent our Sunday afternoon ...

Last Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!, the kids joined me for a spur-of-the-moment trip to Reunion Arena in Dallas for Monster Jam 2008. "Props" to our friend BEK for introducing us to Monster Jam three years ago. This would be our first return visit since we went with BEK in 2005. If possible, we enjoyed it even more this time around -- we had better seats and the truck action was more spectacular.

Monster Jam 2008 - Reunion Arena, Dallas TX

The Sunday afternoon show began at 2 pm. After the emcee incited the crowd into a patriotic frenzy, saluting active-duty servicemen while the P.A. system blared Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA", followed by the National Anthem, it was time for monster truck mayhem.

a partial lineup of the afternoon's participants...

The festivities kicked off with a wheelie contest; each of the eight trucks demonstrated their abilities to achieve a near-vertical stance jumping over a small pile of dirt and a row of helpless, flattened cars.

"Captain's Curse" gets some good air...

Next, it was time for a series of elimination-style races. Between the truck events, other motor-sport activities were represented -- a 4-wheeler ATV race and a display of extreme motorcycle stunts. Finally, it was time for the "main event" we all came to see, Monster Truck Free-Style -- in other words, lots of jumping and smashing stuff.

A fresh victim for the hungry monster trucks... that van would be unrecognizable within 15 minutes!

"Bad Habit" free-style performance

"Bounty Hunter" loses a wheel and the crowd goes wild...

"Gravedigger" center-of-gravity exhibition

It was definitely a fun-filled afternoon. Maybe we'll make this an annual tradition instead of once every three years.

Satisfied customers - the kids modeled their "Gravedigger" gear after we returned home.


np: Jack Ingram - "Barbie doll"

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