Wednesday, February 27, 2008

last Friday in Saginaw

Stephen was in town for a few days last week on his way back to Memphis. On Friday, the sun finally came out so we went out to shoot a few pics before I had to go to work.

Nice catch! A modified former Santa Fe SD45-2 in the new scheme...

6737 still wears Santa Fe colors...

"Colony" stencil graffiti

"Ewok" makes an appearance...

Stephen is ready to GTS (get the shot).

Brand-new BNSF 9135 powers southbound coal loads.

This is the first one of the new 9100's that I've seen. You could practically smell the fresh paint...

viewed through the fence on the Meacham overpass.

On Sunday, M joined me for a trip to Shawnee, Oklahoma. Stay tuned for the trip report & photos...
np: Johnny Paycheck - "The only hell my momma ever raised"

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