Thursday, January 10, 2008

Scratching the itch

Sometimes, it's good to just get out and see what's on the neighborhood rails. I didn't do much train-watching during mid- to late December, and I was getting the urge to see something -- anything -- on flanged, steel wheels. So I made a quick stop through Roanoke a few days ago. A northbound rolled through town while I was there, but the most interesting sightings were the monikers and logos found on cars tied down in the cement yard and storage tracks.

a familiar face on a cement hopper...

I think I've seen this one a few times before...

"Ewok" is commonly seen on covered hoppers.

I'm not quite sure what this is supposed to be...

Chessie auto parts boxcar

Still sleepin' after all these years -- the Chessie kitten

Wisconsin Central crest
One last look at holiday excess
For a number of reasons, I didn't blog much about the Christmas holiday season this past year. First and foremost, I was already feeling burned out on Christmas crap by early November, especially since the stores had their decorations flung all over the place even before Halloween.
I won't normally subject myself to an inordinate amount of trouble just to emulate what the masses are doing. When most of our neighbors were risking life and limb to install their outdoor Christmas lights, I decided the Whiskey family could survive the season simply by placing a lighted tree in our front window. But if the masses were truck drivers, and their rigs all looked like this, could you blame me for finally wanting to join the party?
'Twas the season at our local Peterbilt dealer...

Whiskey's concert calendar

Friday, Jan 11 - Wayne Hancock in Denton (Dan's)
Sunday, Jan 13 - Ray Wylie Hubbard in Ft Worth (Clubhouse Concert /White Elephant - 7 PM)
Thursday, Jan 31 - Gourds in Denton (Dan's)
Friday, Feb 1 - Gourds in Fort Worth (Aardvark)
Saturday, Feb 9 - Wayne Hancock in Fort Worth (Lola's)

nr: John Steinbeck - Grapes of Wrath
np: Jim Lauderdale / Ralph Stanley - "Oh soul!"

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Blogger Martin Burwash said...

Liking what I see, Wes. I think some of the shots of old buildings have a real Plowden feel...only in color...which is not a bad thing!

Martin Burwash

8:55 PM  
Blogger Frank Jump said...

Great shots Wes. Blogged you again!


9:57 PM  

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