Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Saginaw fog

I spent some time in Saginaw on Sunday morning during a heavy fog. The train traffic was what I like to call "crazy busy". A crew on a yard job was stopped on the BN transfer waiting to get into Saginaw yard. Every time I thought the dispatcher might be ready to finally let them out onto the main, another train would appear out of the fog. I enjoyed the chance to do some shooting in some different weather conditions...

The 308 yard job waits patiently as a northbound rolls past...

Approach signal for a coal load at CP-10

A UP track inspector waits for track and time to cross the Saginaw Interlocking.

Tired of waiting, the track inspector sets off and drives around.

Track flags, train, and fog. Saginaw TX. Jan 27, 2008.

np: Flatt & Scruggs - Big Black Train

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