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Gourds show, new blog

Gourds in Dallas - December 30

My friend Mike joined me for a trip to Dallas on Sunday the 30th to see the Gourds at the Granada Theater. I hadn't seen the Gourds since back in February. Their set was heavy on material from their new album "Noble Creatures". (I initially didn't care for most of the new songs, but a few of them are starting to grow on me.) They also played plenty of eclectic cover tunes, running the gamut from R. Kelly (performed in the Gourds own unique style) to Hank Williams Jr., to their bluegrass-infused version of Snoop Dogg's "Gin n juice", mixed with an oldies / classic rock medley. Always a fun time.
Max and Kevin

Kevin, Keith and Jimmy

Kevin and Dollar Bill Johnston - "Smoke Bend"

Claude on maracas during "Plaid coat"

Kevin on guitar

Gourds set list - Granada Theater, December 30, 2007

Lower 48
My name is Jorge
Jesus Christ with signs following
Smoke Bend (vocals by Dollar Bill Johnston)
Motherless Children (Gary Davis?) - with Dollar Bill on mandolin
Mr. Betty
Nitty Gritty (Doug Sahm)
All in the pack
Chawin chewin gum (traditional)
Plaid coat
County Orange
Flavor on the tongue
Red letter day
Burn the honeysuckle
All my rowdy friends (Hank Williams Jr). - Max on vocals
State of Arkansas (traditional)
Kicks in the sun
Ants on the melon
How will you shine

*** Encore ***
Feelin on yo booty (R. Kelly) - Kevin / Keith only
Teacher (Jethro Tull) - Jimmy on vocals
Ooh la la (Faces)
Gin n juice medley with "Cupid", "Surrender", "Purple Rain", "Rock'n me"

Macon Greyson was the second of two opening acts at the Gourds show. (The Backsliders were the first; we didn't get there in time to see them). I hadn't seen Macon Greyson before, although I did get to see their lead singer, Buddy Huffman, play a few songs during a live studio performance at a KNON pledge drive a few years ago. They're more of a rock n roll outfit, with a country twang here and there.... they remind me a little of Cross Canadian Ragweed. Check 'em out if you get a chance.

Macon Greyson at the Granada - December 30

New year, new blog

It's time to go "live" with my new blog, Half a Lifetime Ago, featuring photos and stories from 1990. Bookmark it and check back every week or two; I'll be attempting to keep up with it all year long.
nr: John Steinbeck - Grapes of Wrath
np: the Gourds - "Hooky junk"

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