Tuesday, January 08, 2008

December leftovers - 2

More leftover photos from December...

Owl Cigar ads on east wall of Tindall Storage building - downtown Fort Worth

Post office, Grocery & Market - Fort Worth Stockyards
Rominger & Co. Horses & Mules - Fort Worth Stockyards

L.L. Herring Tavern - Fort Worth Stockyards

A foggy day in Saginaw - December 14

Catching up with the Frankenford

I've seen this unique truck on the freeway a couple of times while driving to work. A few Saturdays ago, I caught up with it for a closer look, parked behind an oil change place near the corner of Western Center and Beach.

"the Frankenford"

A partial parts inventory is listed on the hood.

rear view of Frankenford

nr: John Steinbeck - Grapes of Wrath
np: Scott Miller & Commonwealth - "Ciderville Saturday Night"

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