Thursday, December 13, 2007

hither and yon - December edition

(almost) live from Fort Worth...

It was foggy and frosty this morning as I walked with M to school...

Keeping the world safe from Michael Vick and the Olsen Twins

Now that Michael Vick is safely behind bars, the PETA folks have moved on to the next easiest target -- the Olsen Twins. Yesterday on KHYI, morning DJ "Chance" reported that PETA had recently taken "Hairy Kate and Trashley Trollsen" (PETA's names for them, not mine) to task for making fur part of their new line of fashion merchandise, adding the following tip / insult: "Fur is worn by beautiful animals and ugly people." Sure, these young ladies aren't exactly the Barbi twins, but does PETA have to be so gosh-danged vicious?

There's even a website on Meet the Trollsens. Check out the Dress-Up game where you can help Hairy Kate and Trashley accessorize with a "dead doggie shoulder bag", "butchered beaver boots", and "bloody bunny trim mittens". Classic!

Now, fur coats do about as much for me as the Troll... er, Olsen twins ... butI think one could argue that furs actually do have a practical use for humans who aren't ugly. If I was stranded above the Arctic Circle, I'd sure as hell rather have a polar bear fur in my possession than a couple of "Full House" dvd's.

Say, that reminds me... if I haven't given you my Christmas list yet,I'd love a PETA shirt. That's PETA as in "People Eating Tasty Animals." I see there's still a nice selection of them on ebay; I wear a size XL...

Stop the email insanity

I get them all the time and you probably do, too... videos in your email, several megabytes in size, featuring some stupid pet trick or amildly amusing tv commercial from overseas. The trouble is, they take about 5 minutes to download (and this with a supposed "high speed" connection) and then they're not even worth the time it takes to watch them, let alone the time they take to download. For God's sake, do me a tiny favor and quit sending me this trash. In a good year, I get maybe one or two of those that actually makes me laugh.

If you want to me to watch something, do your friggin' homework and find it on youtube (most of the stuff people email me is already viewable on that great internet repository of video entertainment). Then send me the links to the stuff you want me to watch. I'm not promising I'll watch it (especially if you've established a track record of sending me stupid CRAP), but at least you'll help me suppress the urge to respond by sending you a nasty virus. I'll even offer a gesture of good faith by showing you how it's done (youtube links, not emailing viruses...)

Star Wars fans will probably enjoy these...

"Troops" -- a Star Wars parody of "Cops" (now we know the real gruesome story about what happened to Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru)

"Star Wars help desk" -- behind the scenes in the Death Star

And K recently sent me a link to something I found fairly hilarious (and it even has a tie-in with an activity we have planned for the near future)... if NASCAR's were snails, you'd have... NASCARGOT. I congratulated her for sharing one of the funniest things I've ever seen on youtube (no sh*&!) Dig that audio from real NASCAR tv broadcasts!

See, now wasn't that a lot better than waiting 10 minutes for some worthless Tim Wilson video to download?


np: Ray Wylie Hubbard - "Rabbit"

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