Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Barnhart turn - Part 2

During our Barnhart turn, Brian and I caught up to an interesting move on the Texas Pacifico (former South Orient) line near San Angelo -- a unit train of flatcars loaded with windmill tower column sections heading to a wind farm construction site near Fort Stockton. What a sight, seeing a 7,000-foot train rolling through my hometown and across the west Texas prairie at 10 mph. It definitely made the trip worthwhile... I just wish they'd paint up their locomotives in a nicer scheme.

westbound windmill train on Texas Pacifico near Harriett, TX

A crew member looks back over his train.

Two crew members escorted the train as it rolled through San Angelo.

crossing the Concho River in San Angelo

passing the restored KCM&O depot in San Angelo

windmill tower section in San Angelo

"high wide" placard on one of the flat cars

west of San Angelo

After securing their train for the night near Barnhart, the crew poses for a quick portrait.

Whiskey at the movies
I saw "No Country for Old Men" last night... highly recommended for anyone who likes Coen Brothers films, Tommy Lee Jones, and especially west Texas... there were some beautiful shots filmed near Marfa. I'll post a full review soon.


np: Webb Pierce - Cowtown
nr: J.D. Salinger - Catcher in the Rye

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