Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cresson trains, blog hiatus

On Thursday morning, I spent some time watching the Fort Worth & Western switch cars at Cresson. Traffic out there has increased dramatically during the past few years; virtually all of it is related to Barnett Shale petroleum drilling projects. The small yard at Cresson is crammed full of covered hoppers loaded with frac sand and gondola loads of steel pipe.

Fort Worth & Western switches sand cars at Cresson - October 18, 2007.

A crew member studies his switch list.

An interesting collection of fallen-flag logos at Cresson.

B&O "Capitol" logo and ACI tag
Gone vacationin'
Due to my upcoming travel plans, readers will be without my services for about the next 10 days. I should have some interesting stories and photos to share around the end of the month. Until then...
np: Wayne Hancock - "California Blues"
nr: back issues of TRAINS magazine covering Tehachapi Loop and Cajon Pass

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