Friday, August 24, 2007

Six Flags and cycling (or lack thereof)

Six Flags yet again

On Monday, L and her friend joined me for a return visit to Six Flags. We kind of felt cheated back in June when our day got cut short due to inclement weather. In spite of the park's shorter hours in late August, we definitely got our money's worth this time around. We rode Mr. Freeze twice, Batman twice, the Acme Rockin' Rocket three times, Superman once, the Shock Wave twice, the Texas Giant once (against our better judgment -- it seems to get worse every time), and took five rides on the Titan. Visiting the park on a weekday was a good choice; we never had to wait more than 10 or 15 minutes in any line.

On board the Titan at Six Flags

It's fun to see my 11-year-old daughter enjoying rides I would have been terrified of at the age of 13...

That first drop is a "doozie"...

Aww, they won't let you have any fun...

We enjoyed giant turkey legs for lunch...

The Texas Giant - one hell of a rough ride

The Acme Rocket was a surprise hit; the girls had been on it before but I hadn't. It swings back and forth, higher each time, until it makes a complete loop. My attemps at taking pictures of the girls were as much fun as the ride itself. Mr. Freeze is definitely very "cool", the way it launches you out of a tunnel and then straight up into the air... these were only my second and third times to ride it. But of course, nothing at Six Flags tops the Titan -- the fastest, smoothest coaster I've had the pleasure to ride.

Which way is up? L on the Acme Rockin' Rocket

L & A on the Acme Rockin' Rocket

L on Batman: the ride

excuses, excuses

Well, the Hotter'n Hell Hundred is tomorrow, and I won't be going. I just haven't been training hard enough... during the summer, it's tough to get out and do the miles I need to do to get in shape for the full hundred. And the 100-k ride I did on a Sunday morning back in June really took a lot out of me. Plus, my knee has been bothering me some. I've fallen back to less than 50 miles per week during the past 4 to 6 weeks. Once school starts, I'll be able to ride almost every day if I want to... and I might even make it to the Cowtown Classic on September 8. So my riding season isn't over just yet...


np: Rod Hart - "C.B. Savage"

nr: Ayn Rand - The Fountainhead

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