Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Milestones & a picture show


On July 11, the odometer on my mike rolled past 5,000 miles. I've had it for not quite two years, meaning that I have averaged a little over 7 miles of riding every day of the year the time I've had it. Four days later, I was headed west on I-20 to do some photography near Abilene and I passed 60,000 on my truck. I've had it for just over three years, so I'm averaging less than 20k a year... WAY down from my years of 25k+ miles when I had the Durango and before that, the Ram Charger. I guess marriage and fatherhood have slowed me down some...

5k on the bike, 60 k on the truck

Picture show

A few photos of some of the stuff I've seen during the first half of July...

This 1-car derailment caused a small amount of excitement in Saginaw on July 6.

Grain trucks line up at the Saginaw elevators.

A Ferromex GE switches at Roanoke on July 11...

The nature of this company's business wasn't immediately made clear. Cisco, TX, July 16.

Double stacks roll past my window...

... westbound on the former Texas & Pacific near Cisco.

I finally caught UP's George Bush locomotive! UP4141 displays Air Force One colors in Fort Worth on July 16.

Coming next... "While the wife's away, Whiskey will play", featuring two days of train watching and my review of a Hank Williams III concert. Stay tuned!

np: "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" on AMC

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