Thursday, July 05, 2007

Endless Spring

Rain and more rain

We've received measurable precipitation during every day in recent memory. We're still seeing highs only in the upper 80s to low 90s. It feels a lot more like late April or mid-May than July. I sure don't mind the cooler temperatures, but we really could use a few days to "dry out" so the ground will be able to hold more water from the next wave...

On July 2, the clouds inspired M to impersonate a well-known Edvard Munch painting...
ominous clouds over the neighbors' houses

David Finfrock on the Channel 5 weather
Big Island flashback
Check out this page from a recent REI catalog. The landscape looked very familiar to K and me, since we experienced it first-hand back in April. The location is the Pololu overlook on Hawaii's Big Island.
REI catalog page photo from Pololu overlook

K at Pololu overlook, April 2007

Boxcar sightings
Even when very few trains are running ( and due to the flooding up north, there sure haven't been many though Keller lately), something interesting always seems to show up, even if it's just a boxcar sporting an interesting logo from some faraway railroad. Here are a couple I've noticed during the past week.

Stockton Terminal & Eastern boxcar seen in Roanoke TX on July 1

Columbia & Cowlitz logo - Roanoke, TX, July 4
np: Kids in the Hall - Season 3, Disc 1

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Blogger Matthew said...

Ahh...yes, the endless monsoon that Texas has been this year. It's insane: it was drier in KY when I visited this month, than in Austin!

Thanks for the SW Railfan site, Wes. Get to take a tour of BNSF and go to Saginaw. I'm ready for some railfanning action.

2:01 PM  

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