Thursday, March 08, 2007

No time for the blog... (3)

... Just the pictures.

Oklahoma leftovers...
M checks out stored baretable flats south of Altus, Oklahoma. Feb 25, 2007.

Grainbelt 4079 was on hand at Altus on 02/25
February 26 in Saginaw....
BNSF 6480 leads the southbound 110 job into Saginaw. 02/26

Gensets in Roanoke

UP has a pair of the new Genset switchers stationed in Roanoke.
photographed March 3, 2007.

a clever slogan
BNSF south of Cleburne
Last Sunday, M and I caught a few trains south of Cleburne.
Here's a southbound grain train at Rio Vista on Sunday, March 4.

Southbound between Blum and Kopperl

That's all for now. The next report will cover an out-of-town trip.
nr: John Steinbeck - Sweet Thursday
np: Wayne "the Train" Hancock - Swing Time


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