Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hallmark holiday

Over the years, I've had some good Valentine's Days and some not-so-good Valentine's Days. I've celebrated one or two in the backseat of a car, I've spent others alone, and I can remember one during college on which I sent "romantic" cards to three different girls! But it's not really something that I get too excited about these days.

The kids have been to the corner drugstore to buy their boxes of ready-made cards, which they'll hand out to their classmates at school during a cupcake and candy "sugar orgy" -- all in the name of education, of course. K has laid out a Valentine-themed doormat on the front porch. And Mom gaciously offered to pick up M at school so I could take K to lunch. That will pretty much be the extent of our celebrations. Roses? HELL no. Chocolates? Not a chance. A $3.99 Hallmark card for K? Doubtful. Who needs it? We know how we feel about each other.

To me, Valentine's Day is just another day on the calendar between New Year's and Easter. The greeting card companies and flower shops say we should be showering our sweethearts with cards and gifts. Whiskey says, "to hell with that!" I'll save my money and you save yours... baseball season will be starting soon; that'll be a few more bucks my sweetheart and I can set aside for those $7.00 beers.

Speaking of spending money...

The Gourds have a couple of upcoming shows scheduled for later in the week. I guess you know what I'll be doing after work on Thursday and Saturday nights... tune in later for set lists and reviews.


np: Brave Combo - The Chicken Dance


Blogger Bayou said...

Judging by your feeling about Valentine's day, I can guess what you don't get last night!

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