Thursday, January 25, 2007

No time for the blog... (2)

... just the pictures!

M's kindergarten class visited the Ft. Worth Stock Show & Rodeo on Tuesday. One of the Stock Show mascots greeted the class as they arrived...

That is one BIG pig...

feeding llamas at the petting zoo...

Photographed outside a drugstore in Watauga.
Would the caller be able to talk but just not be able to hear?

Rainy Saturday in Saginaw. Jan 20, 2007.

Sunny Sunday in Saginaw. Jan 21, 2007.

Our Aunt Sue, my dad's sister, is visiting.
M gave her a lesson on how to play X-Box...
Stay tuned for more. We've got some exciting activities planned that you'll be able to read about in a few days...
np: Letterman re-run: guests Howard Stern (wearing a Santa suit and passing out Sirius radios as "gifts") and Gwen Stefani
nr: Bicycling magazine - February 2007


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