Sunday, October 01, 2006

Last of September

Sneaking in one last entry before the end of the month...
Whiskey's Photo Album
A few photos taken during my bike rides this week... it was another beautiful week: lows in the upper 50s and low 60s, highs in the 80s. Best time of year to live in north Texas!
Sunflowers and Haslet water tower

Q-train rolls through Haslet approaching Alliance

new red boxcars at Lake Wanda

boxcar at Roanoke

The T.O. media circus

The stories circulating about Terrell Owens' allergic reaction / accidental overdose / attempted suicide (depending on who you believe) certainly made for an interesting week... it was the front-page, top story on the Star-Telegram on Wednesday.

As the story kept changing, and members of the media tripped all over themselves trying to report the most recent updates (I heard that at one point, they were pre-empting network programming!) all I could do was roll my eyes and begin tuning it out. In other words, "wake me up in a few days when it's over", and let's see what he can do when he gets back on the damn field.

When Dallas announced that T.O. was joining the team, wasn't I telling anyone who would listen that it was a mistake? Is the Cowboys' organization prepared to handle all the "baggage" that this player has brought to the team? Now that we're stuck with him, I'd like to see him -- and the team -- do well, but one wonders at what point all the distractions will become counter-productive. Oh, and that sound you hear coming from the direction of Valley Ranch? Oh, don't pay any attention to that... it's just Jerry Jones screaming and rummaging around in the medicine cabinet looking for some of T.O.'s pills...

Amongst all the theorizing and armchair amateur psychoanalysis, I haven't really heard anyone mention the possibility that I consider most likely... that T.O. and his "publicist" staged the whole thing to attract a swarm of media attention, getting his name in the headlines and thus attracting more viewers for T.O.'s upcoming return game vs. Philadelphia. Think about it... T.O. has been the biggest name in sports this week, and undoubtedly, more will tune in to the Tennessee-Dallas game on Sunday to see how he does ... IF he plays. But just wait til that Philadelphia game...

I'm pulling for you, T.O....get well, and make us proud on Sunday... you've done so much already, having represented the Cowboys in all of ... what... TWO games so far?

Whiskey's World Series of Pop Culture (installment 4 of an occasional series)

4) What 1980s fantasy movie featured a character named Atreyu ("a-TRAY-you")?

If you think you've got game to answer this one, email me or post a response in the "comments" section below.


np: Hayes Carll - Little Rock


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