Sunday, September 10, 2006

Cowtown Classic

I rode in the Cowtown Classic on Saturday morning. I didn't decide to do it until after I rode in the HHH... I enjoyed the group experience so much that I decided I'd try it again on a local level, so I signed up. The Cowtown offered four rides: a 14-mile, a 35, a 42, and a 65. I opted for the 42. I would have liked to ride the 65, but since it was Saturday, I didn't figure I'd have enough time to get ready for work afterwards.
The ride began and ended near Crowley High School in Crowley, south of Ft. Worth. I was up early and left the house around 0645. I was in the general area before 0730, and decided to follow some of the other cars I saw with bikes, hoping that they knew where they were going. They didn't. Finally, I found the school and picked up my registration packed in time to make the 8 am start. Just barely.
the crowd at the start. There were around 1,000 riders.

well-posted directions
The course began in Crowley and headed south toward Cleburne, then west to Godley, north to Mustang Creek near Cresson, and back east to the starting point. Skies were mostly cloudy, and the temperatures were mild, staying mainly in the 70s. It was a very enjoyable ride, especially along the paved county roads south of Crowley... just watch out for that loose gravel on some of the sharp turns! I didn't crash, but I saw one guy who did...

south of Crowley
Between Cleburne and Godley, I latched onto a paceline consisting of: two riders on a tandem; an attractive blonde; a guy on a mountain bike; and a guy riding in a t-shirt and tennis shoes... ahh, my kind of group! I stayed right with them for a good 3 miles or so, until we arrived at the rest stop in Godley.
The northbound leg of the ride was especially enjoyable, offering some of the best overall scenery as we approached Mustang Creek west of Crowley. I recognized the location immediately; several years ago when Ft Worth & Western ran a steam excursion from Ft. Worth to Granbury, a friend and I photographed the train crossing the Mustang Creek bridge. And local photographer Ken Fitzgerald has a great two-page "gallery" spread in the current issue of Trains magazine, featuring a Ft Worth & Western freight taken at about the same spot.
In all, it was a great ride and I hope to do it again next year.

crusing downhill toward Mustang Creek

the finish

Thursday bike ride and train
To warm up for Saturday's ride, I did a 25-mile ride on Thursday. Bringing my camera with me paid off... at South Haslet I got a photo of a northbound stack train I had seen stopped at Lake Wanda earlier.

northbound stacks at South Haslet. Sept. 7, 2006

No. 1 vs. No. 2

The big news of the day was the NCAA football meeting of No. 1 Ohio State vs. No. 2 Texas. It was good to see the Ohio State pull off a big win on the road (remember, UT beat Ohio State in Columbus last year!) I have nothing against Texas, but I couldn't in good conscience cheer for the 'horns against Ohio State, where both my parents went to college. It's good to see the Buckeyes fielding what could be a national championship caliber team this year. As for Texas, I hope they win every one of their other games (well, an upset loss to A&M would be good for a laugh, not that I'm counting on that...)

Whiskey's World Series of Pop Culture (installment 2 of an occasional series)

(Send your answers via email or by entering a comment below).

2) Johnny Depp and Rob Morrow starred in a mid-1980s beach party / "sex-ploitation" movie in which Andrew "Dice" Clay had a minor role. Name the movie.

Good luck!


nr: Jack Kerouac - On the Road

np: Ray Wylie Hubbard - Snake Farm


Blogger TxAggie said...

"As for Texas, I hope they win every one of their other games (well, an upset loss to A&M would be good for a laugh, not that I'm counting on that...) "

Me thinks this DS needs more confidence. Is 51 points not enough? Is holding a team to 165 yards insufficient to gain some respect? No turnovers and a defensive backfield that gave up 17 yards to the pass? A team that only had 2 penalties and forced two turnovers?

Comon' get your spirit up!

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