Friday, June 02, 2006

West Texas road trip - May 28/29

San Angelo road trip - May 28/29
We headed back to our old home town, San Angelo, on Memorial Day weekend. Some of Mom's friends had invited us down to attend a couple of San Angelo Colts (minor league) baseball games. Mom, K, and the kids headed down on Saturday, but I had to work, so I caught up with them on Sunday. The Colts lost to the Amarillo Armadillos, 13-6. But we still had a good time... M made friends with some Angelo State co-eds sitting in the row behind us, and spent some time buddying around with Casey, the Colts' official mascot.
Foster Field - home of the San Angelo Colts

M and L do the "YMCA" with Casey Colt

It was interesting driving around San Angelo before and after the game... that town seems a little smaller every time I go back. On Monday morning (Memorial Day), I took a bike ride out past the San Angelo airport to the equilization channel between the two Twin Buttes lakes. I also rode a few of the roads around Lake Nasworthy. To Dan, the cyclist I met riding a triple tandem with his two daughters ... that was one crazy get-up, man! Maybe I'll see y'all in Wichita Falls in August.

We headed back to Fort Worth on Monday afternoon, and decided to stop for barbecue at Underwood's (a Texas legend) in Brownwood. It wasn't quite as good as I remembered it, but still worth stopping for. Hint: don't fill up on brisket and beans -- save some room for the peach cobbler.

Underwood's in Brownwood

Road trip playlist

Nothing like 8 hours on the road (approx. 4 hours each way) to make me want to break out some of my favorite cd's. Here's a listing of what I listened to on the trip to and from San Angelo...

* Eleven Hundred Springs - Bandwagon

* Whiskey's Essential Wayne Hancock Vol. 1 - (a home-burn compilation of some of my favorite Wayne Hancock songs)

* Waylon Jennings - Greatest Hits

* Nomo's Favorite Buck Owens Tunes - (a home-burn of Buck Owens classics from my friend "Nomo")

* Johnny Bush - Devil's Disciple

* Waylon Jennings - Honky Tonk Heroes

* Grateful Dead - Dick's Picks Vol. 21, Disc 1

* Whiskey's Essential Wayne Hancock Vol. 2 - (more Wayne Hancock favorites)

These are just some of the musical selections I've been enjoying recently. They definitely made for a more enjoyable 8 hours behind the wheel. I could go on and on about how the music of certain artists fits the "mood" of certain stretches of highway -- and maybe I will sometime -- but right now I really should be getting to bed... a member of the family has a big birthday celebration coming up, and we've got some prep-work to do tomorrow...


np: Adam Carroll - Live

nr: Stephen Ambrose - Nothing Like it in the World


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