Friday, April 21, 2006

first time for everything

I've had an on-line blog on my website "Southwest Shorts" for a while now, but the tedium of formatting the pages and photos for each entry has discouraged me from posting as frequently as I'd like to. (I write all of my own HTML coding.) This looks like an easier option, so I thought I'd join the growing legions and give blogspot a try.

Whether you found your way here from Southwest Shorts, or you discovered through my blogspot profile that we have a common interest, I hope you'll check back once in a while. I promise to post a REAL update -- and more photos -- soon.

This is where you'll find road trip stories, train photos, bicycling logs, live music reviews, assessments of life in north Texas, pop culture commentary, and anything else that comes to mind.


nr: (now reading): Expedition to the Southwest -- An 1845 Reconnaissance of Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma -- Lieutenant James William Abert

np: (now playing) -- Ozark Mountain Daredevils - "If you wanna get to Heaven" on KHYI 95.3 FM


Blogger TxAggie said...

With your big interest in Coen brothers movies, you should be watching and commenting on NBC's "My Name is Earl" sitcom. Oh, and whaz up with that redneck musica? What next, nc: Redman ... i.e. now chewing .. Ha! Just playing with ya.


9:36 PM  
Blogger TxAggie said...

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