Tuesday, April 25, 2006

boys of summer (in early spring)

On Sunday, K and I took the kids to the Texas Rangers baseball game. Mom and our freind Matt also joined us. No, the seats aren't all empty because the Rangers suck; this photo was taken about an hour before the first pitch. But it still wasn't anything close to being a sellout; they drew just 29,000, despite it being a very nice Sunday afternoon (partly cloudy, highs in the mid-80s.) Maybe the Rangers need to make some adjustments to their ticket prices. Oh well, it was a fun time... the Rangers won 8-3, completing a sweep of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and improving their record to 10-9 on the season. Starter John Koronko went 8 innings, and Joaquin Benoit struck out the side in the 9th to finish it out. We also saw home runs from Teixeira, Nevin, Mench, and Blalock.

This was the first Rangers game I've been to in two or three years. We sat out all of last season (last year's W-L record indicated that we didn't miss much) and I honestly can't remember if we went to a game during 2004, either. In all, it wasn't a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon... we may even go back for another game later in the season.

I rode 30 miles along the Trinity River trails on Monday, despite the city of Fort Worth's best efforts to prevent me from doing so. In preparation for Mayfest, Trinity Park -- and the trail that runs through it -- are fenced off and closed, with no convenient detour available for pedestrian or bicycle traffic. I don't know why they couldn't have just closed the park and left the trail open, but nobody asked me... I ended up just riding west of Trinity Park, and had to ride part of my route twice. Guess I'll be riding elsewhere for the next couple of weeks.

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np: Tom Russell - "Borderlands"

nr: Expedition to the Southwest -- An 1845 Reconnaissance of Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma -- Lieutenant James William Abert


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